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What Is Webmaster?

Webmaster is a free  tools which is provided by search engine like: Google, Bing that helps you to monitor your website’s performance which is running on search engine result page. With the help of Webmaster you can fastly  fetch your content on SERP, Google have one of the largest webmaster tools where you can easily find out your site’s problem and also fix it shortly by WebMasterHelpFurther we will also discuss  many valuable topic related to Search Console that can help you to increase you knowledge.


Know: How Google Webmaster help you to increase your website’s Performance

Now Google Webmaster tools also known as Google Search ConsoleIt Provides you full guide and support of  your website. if you are not using webmaster till now for the site then you’re missing some valuable feature and tips which can help  improve  your website performance for Search engine as well as visitors. Below we are sharing some important points about webmaster because of without the help of webmaster tools you never improve your search visibility.

  • Improve you visibility on search engine
  • It always notify about malware or spam problem
  • Here you can submit your sitemap
  • It allow you to find and fix website error
  • With this platform you can detect and resolve your website from hackers.
  • With the help of webmaster tools you can get idea about your website’s clicks, Impression, Position, CTR (Click Through Rate)

CTR= Impression/Clicks