6 Killer Marketing Ideas for Small Business Start-ups

Marketing happens to be the first thing that every start-up needs to establish a strong foothold in the industry. Without a solid brand identity even sustenance becomes a challenge for any business let alone making it big.

But in order to strategize and implement marketing tactics, one of the first things that these start-ups need happen to be an ample amount of finance which for them is almost always in dearth of.

The newly-turned entrepreneurs have to deal with a lot, every day, starting from managing the finances to reaching out to the clients and to keep the existing client-base happy and satisfied. Added to that, spreading brand awareness and generating a positive word-of-mouth within limited finance is something that can seem to be quite impossible to attain.

But the situation is not so grim as it seems. Here are some of the killer and affordable marketing tactics that small business start-ups should use. Just read on.

  • Publish Great Content – The importance of kick-ass content in case of the marketing of small businesses can never be ignored. If you can create these yourself, it is even better. Most business owners of start-ups won’t get any time. In that case, you can just ask someone from your team or a content writer to create some articles for your blogs. You can include newsletters and top 10 lists or best practices for your industry, in this case. These are sure to help with your marketing campaign in more ways than you know.
  • Reach Out Locally Although Yours is An Online Firm – Although the start-up is an online model, but those start-ups that cater to the local community must reach out to them in order to improve their presence at the grass-root level. Ignoring to promote your company offline even though it is an online business is something that is wrong. You can go for a hoarding, release thousands of air balloons with your company name on them or distribute leaflets. This will drive the local traffic to your business that is bound to benefit you.
  • Use Social Media Marketing – Though you cannot do social media marketing casually, it is free and you can master this if you invest time in it. You should start establishing profiles for your business on major platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You should enhance the profiles and start to syndicate the content that your target audience will like. Stay connected with individuals that you can reach out via these platforms and with time you can grow an audience of thousands that represent an anchor stream of traffic to the site.
  • Create Instructional Videos – Video content happens to be really valuable and while it can cost you a lot to create original You Tube videos, you can try it yourself or hire a student who can do it for you. There are several videos available online that can show you how to create extraordinary videos just with your android r iPhone.
  • Choose Search Engine Optimisation – With over 70 percent of customers reporting to search online prior to purchasing something, it goes without saying that a small business must make a string presence online. Companies that are making the best of what the internet has to offer has 40 percent faster rate of growth. You can grab more market share with white hat SEO. The best part is that they are much more cost-effective as compared to the traditional marketing methods.
  • Offer Coupons -Coupons are a great way for most businesses to attract new customers. Research reveals that customers can go the extra mile to utilise coupons and that proves that this method is highly successful for enhancing your customer base. Coupons also ensure repeat visits. For example, if you provide coupon codes for discounts to be used on a future date, customers are bound to return.

The above are some of the killer marketing strategies as suggested by the experts of the reputed digital marketing agency in India that can be used by the small business start-ups in order to reach out and carve their own niche in the industry.

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