How can Businesses generate leads by using Pinterest?

In this digital era, no one can ignore the prominence of social media platforms as these make world a much smaller place. Apart from entertainment purpose, social networking sites can also be used to fulfill business objectives. It is so because people of all ages are present on these platforms, which indirectly gives businesses an opportunity to reach the target audience.

Generally, social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. get the preference when it comes to generating leads. The most cited reason behind that is their larger user base. But, it doesn’t mean that other social networking platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, etc. cannot help to boost business growth.

If we specifically talk about Pinterest, this social networking site can unlock the door of success for businesses. If industry reports are to be believed, Pinterest persuades 72% of netizens to purchase products and services. In addition, Pinterest account holders buy products/services twice as compared to Facebook users.

               So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this image sharing platform could work as a lead generating tool for businesses as all it wants is undivided attention. Worrying about core competencies? You should take the help of reputed lead generation companies UK.

Are you an owner of a business? Willing to generate leads by using Pinterest? Go through the following pointers and get the desired results in no time:

1.   Post infographics

As far as Pinterest is concerned, posting eye-catching infographics can really help to get a lot of leads in the sales funnel. It is so because images often grab the attention of people. That’s why most of the lead generation companies UK use images and videos to draw the attention of potential customers.

However, businesses that want to generate leads on their own generally rely on well-written blogs and articles. And this seems like a good move, but it cannot help to generate the desired number of leads every time. The most cited reason behind that is most of the people lose their interest in reading while going through lengthy write-ups.

Therefore, if you want to get new customers, share high-quality images related to products or services on Pinterest. This would help to get a myriad of pins and repins, which consequently, increases the chances of getting qualified leads.

All in all, it is significant to note that images have a louder voice than words.

2.   Share cover images of popular content

To generate maximum leads, content marketing has always been deemed as the perfect tool. Thus, businesses that prefer to handle lead generation process by themselves generally post articles, how-to guides, e-books, etc. on their websites. Even, guest blogging technique gets used to increase the reach of the content.

While increasing the reach of the content, business owners generally ignore the influence of Pinterest because they think that this social networking site is only for image sharing. Owing to this, they fail to generate the desired number of leads.

Here’s how Pinterest can be used as a lead generating tool:

  • Upload the cover images of e-books, how-to guides, white papers, etc. in high quality.
  • Ensure that created title is attention-grabbing.
  • Add the link in your post that can help Pinterest users to access the whole write-up.
  • Add relevant hashtags that can help to find pins easily.

For better results, it is prominent to gate created content (blogs or articles available on website) as it would help to get prospects’ information like name, email address, etc. Such data would play a crucial role in the lead nurturing process.

3.   Go for Pinterest Ads

Apart from posting infographics and sharing cover images of popular content, there is one other thing that can help to get qualified leads in a jiffy; ‘Pinterest Ads.’

After opting for the ads option of Pinterest, the odds of generating leads are more likely to increase. There are 5 different categories of Pinterest ads that include:

  • Promoted Pins.
  • Promoted Video Pins.
  • One-tap Pins.
  • Promoted App Pins.
  • Cinematic Pins.

Henceforth, if you want to see sales the funnel filled with qualified leads, invest some extra money in Pinterest paid ads as other reputed lead generation companies UK do.

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