There is absolutely no sphere left for the domains that are still uncovered with the technology. Dealing via the mobile apps have provided the relief to the users, and if we talk in the perspective of medicine selling, they are now not bound to visit the medical stores for purchasing the medicines.

If we go ahead and throw some light on the facts related to the On-demand pharmacy mobile apps, then for sure it will grab your attention, in case you are looking for developing the best app in the niche.

  • The revenue for the pharmacy market exceeded up to $1 trillion in the year 2017.
  • Europe and the US are the main profit-sharing dominants in the sphere of medicine selling.
  • North America holds around 45% of the total pharmaceutical market across worldwide.
  • It has been forecasted that by the year 2023, the medicine and the pharmacy market will reach around $128 billion dollars and the figures are increasing already.

Now with such massive inundation in the revenue, there is absolutely no room left that why start-ups and the entrepreneurs must not invest in On-demand medical selling mobile apps.

A glance about NowRx

Well, the aforementioned mobile app is known as Uber for medicine selling, since it delivers seamless medical selling services. The former app was developed in 2015 and currently has 9000 customers and makes a profit up to $ 4.5 million in a year.

Till now the app had conveyed around 45,000-50,000 prescriptions and is attuned to around 2000 doctors. Well, yes, the revenue and the profit earned by the app is breath-taking and let me tell here that the profit ratio for the app is increasing every month by 15%, hard to believe but true.

Now since we have discussed the profit graph that is being shared by the On-demand pharmacy apps and the market statistics, here are the few points that played a great role for fetching the immense profit for NowRx.

1.)    Convenience is the key

Well, for developing an app on which the users can rely on is a toil task. But in case if you are delivering the complete range of convenience and the justified features, they will definitely stay on your app.

So, the main question that arises here is how to incline the users from the crowd to use your app? Very first of all, allow the users to operate the app in a way they like. The app NowRx provides all the preliminary services to its users and ensures that it meets their requirements in the correct way.

So, how to define convenience for our users?

1.)    The On-demand pharmacy or medicine selling mobile app must deliver the medicines within 1 hour or utmost within the same day.

2.)    Deliver all the required solutions to the users and the relevant matches to the medicines highlighted.

3.)    Allow your user’s prescriptions to get verified by the doctor. It will help your app on a good note.

4.)    Just be available for your users.

The above factors must play an important role in you  On-demand pharmacy solution. All you need to do is to strategically plan all the key elements that are required for capturing the users.


Do not miss out on security

The very next important step that must be taken is security. Make your app secure and robust for the users. Ensure that the prescriptions and the payments within the app are redirected to the right and perfect doors. Going by this way will help you to gain a traction in the amount of user count on daily basis.

Another feature that can be considered here, it to set the reminder in the app for taking the daily dose of the medicines. Plan and follow a perfect ladder for promoting the wellness of the users and make sure that they seek all the medication support from your app as and when required.

Features that are useful for your users

Now once you have gathered the user’s trust corresponding to convenience and the security there are few other features that must be inculcated in your On-demand pharmacy mobile app.

1.)    Your app must have the capability to allow the users to communicate with the doctors.

2.)    Use a QR code scanner so that the users can scan the prescriptions and can upload the same within the app.

3.)    Allow the users to track the delivery route and keep them onboard by sending them the push notifications from time to time. This is a great way of keeping the users attuned to the app.

So, these were few of the features that can be made an integral part of your On-demand medicine delivery mobile app. Therefore, do not wait and just embark with your all-new app like NowRx for generating revenues.

Reviewing corner:

On-demand medicine and prescription delivery start-up are fetching a new boom with every passing day. Well, most of you must be looking forward to developing an app like NowRx, therefore get in touch with us so that we can work as a companion in your venture.

Right from the payment integration till adding the acquaintances for multilingual approach and other advanced features that can play an important role in the prescription delivery app can be enlisted by us beforehand. Thus, coordinate with our services so that we can help you to augment the graphs of your revenues.“`



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