How to spy on Facebook & Tumblr application?

Instant messengers are the free tools over the internet that everyone can use on cellphones and desktops connected to the internet. There are millions of users of all the trendy social media apps including one of the most popular instant messaging apps such as Facebook and Tumblr.

These are the social networking apps are that are highly fascinating and famous among the youngsters these days such as tweens and teens and among the adults as well. The rise and rise of technology in terms of digital devices such as smartphones, gadgets and laptop and desktop computers makes children use social media to the fullest.

Therefore, young kids and teens are obsessed with Facebook and Tumblr no time ever before. Because teens own digital devices and parents, on the other hand, are helpless to stop them to use the technology and digital media apps. Now the question what really makes parents thinks to monitor Facebook and Tumblr application of teens and kids.

Why spy on Facebook & Tumblr application?

Young kids and teens use social messaging apps for communication. They use it for multiple reasons such as text messages, text conversations, audio and video calls, share multimedia and others. This sort of activities seems good and overwhelming in terms of interaction with the strangers online and for using at as dating tool.

Young teens often willingly interact with the people to whom they have not met in real life. Communications continuous and they breach their own privacy in front of others online. They make people friends online and then start dating with them in real –life.

Ultimately having a relationship with the stranger in real –life went wrong and sexual and they lost their dignity and respect. Moreover, when it comes to Tumblr it is a short blogging website and app but young users often get offensive content and followers in terms of online predators.

Moreover, they also get their eyes to dangerous trends and now Tumblr has launched a new feature of instant messaging. So, parents are concerned over teen’s activities on Tumblr and Facebook social media platforms. Therefore, they want to monitor these two social apps to the fullest.

Install cellphone & computer monitoring app

If you want to spy on Facebook and Tumblr social messaging apps activated on the target cell phone, gadget and computer. Then you initially have to visit mobile phone and PC monitoring app official website Once you have visited the website then subscribe for monitoring software for computer and cellphones. Resultantly, you will receive an email along with credentials such as passcode and ID. Moreover, the end user has to have physical access to the target cell phone or desktop device and start the installation process. Once the users have done it successfully then activate it on the target smartphone or laptop computer machine. During the process of the activation, you will see a pop –up on the screen. It empowers you to hide the icon of the cellphone and PC surveillance app. Now use the credentials and get access to the online control panel. Visit the features and get your hands Facebook and Tumblr monitoring tools. Let’s discuss it in the following in detail.

IM’s Social Media

The user can get the logs of the social networking apps running on the target cell phone device. The end user can view the logs of text messages, text conversations, audio and video conversations and multimedia shared of Facebook. On the other hand, the user can view the logs tumblr in terms of direct messages, shared links and URLs and last but not the least shared media to the fullest.

Live screen recording of Facebook & Tumblr

The user can perform the live screen recording of the Facebook messenger and Tumblr social media app. You can make short videos of the screen when the user is using the apps on cellphone or computer screen. Further, you can see the recording of the screen by getting access to the online control panel.


The user can remotely capture a screenshot of target cellphone and windows and MAC laptop and desktop computer screen whenever you needed and get to know the activities.


Cellphone & PC spy software is a powerful tool that gives you the cunning edge to spy on the Facebook and Tumblr instant messenger in real –time.

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