Machine Learning in Retail & Telecom Sector

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence which is the real-world application of AI through large data input analyzation and prediction. Data is the most powerful weapon of choice for the businesses want to grow & improve rapidly. A thorough analysis of vast data allows manipulating and influencing customer’s decisions. This data is gathered from various channels of communication and numerous flows of information with which customer is concerned.

Retailers have lots of sources to gather this data and thus machine learning can be a great impact on the retail industry. The retailers can analyze, manage data and develop a peculiar psychological portrait of customers to learn his expectations and sore points.

Look at some popular use cases of Machine Learning in Retail Sector given below:

  • Recommendation Engines: Recommendation engines analyze data based on customer’s past behavior or product characteristics and various types of data such as usefulness, preferences, needs, demographic data, previous shopping experience, etc. It uses either collaborative or content-based filtering.
  • Market Basket Analysis: Future choices and decisions may be predicted on a large scale by this tool. Knowledge of present items in a basket like all previews, likes, dislikes is beneficial to the retailer for prices making, content placement and layout organization.
  • Warranty Analytics: This acts as a tool of detection of fraudulent activity, warranty claims to monitor, increasing quality and reducing costs. This process includes data and text mining for further identification.
  • Price Optimization: Price optimization tools contain a secret customer approach as well as numerous online tricks. The data is gained by multichannel sources such as buying attitude if customer, seasoning and the competitor’s pricing, location, etc.
  • Inventory Management: The retailer’s main concern is to provide the right product at the right time, in the proper place, thus by analyzing stock and supply chains. Powerful ML algorithms are used to perform correlations among supply chains & elements.
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis: The algorithm can perform brand-customer sentiment analysis by data received from social networks and online services feedbacks. It uses language processing.
  • Merchandising: The implementation of merchandising tricks can be done via visual channels helps to influence the customer decision-making process. Branding retains customer’s attention and attractive packaging enhance visual appeal.

Telecom industry is also riding on the waves of digital transformation and tech revolution. But they’re facing challenges related to growth and expansion to new business areas. Telecom needs machine learning to be able to analyze and process data in many areas: network automation, customer experience, new digital services, business process automation, and infrastructure maintenance.

Here are some examples of how machine learning in telecom industry creating new ways of revolution:

  • Customer Service Chatbots: Chatbots is an application of machine learning that offers a precise solution to the limitations of human consultants which cannot process all the data. Telecom needs chatbots to make service faster, more scalable and improve client satisfaction.
  • Voice services and churn rate reduction: Machine learning is also used for a churn rate reduction, which can annually average from 10 to 67%. Telecoms can train algorithms to predict when a client is likely to turn to another company.
  • Predictive Maintenance: ML can be used for maintenance of mobile towers such as video & image analysis, empowered surveillance can help to detect anomalies.

Hence, ML and AI are making great improvements over the retails and telecom Industry and helping them to build more revenues and stronger customer relationship. AI and ML became the buzzwords today and are present in every industry for increasing growth graphs.

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