PWA- How Will it Revolutionize Mobile App Development?

Mobile apps are becoming an indispensable part of our lives. I know you would be saying, “That’s an old thing. Tell us something new”. Though we are getting dependent on these mobile apps for almost every need, the main problem that the users are facing is – How to enjoy higher mobile app performance without worrying about memory space?

It seems impossible since every mobile app takes some memory storage in your smartphone. However, there is a solution to this problem of memory space consumption vs app performance. And that solution is PWA (Progressive Web App).

Wondering what PWA is? How can this technology change the future of mobile app development?

PWA (Progressive Web App)

As depicted from the name, PWA is a type of web app that acts like a native app. It is an application that runs on a browser like a website as well as have an app icon like a native app. You need not reach to the app store to install a PWA. The application is easily installable and offers a comprehensive set of native app services with the help of a web app manifest file. And also, helps you to employ web push notifications by re-engaging users.

In a nutshell, it is a type of application that lets you enjoy the best of both the web and mobile app world.

Why Need a PWA

While there are various reasons proving PWA is the future of mobile app development, the major reasons are:-

  1. Easy to Launch

Unlike a Native app, a user need not search on the App Store and install a PWA app to use it further. A PWA, as per the mobile app development companies, can be launched by a single click on a link. This gives the users an escape from the multi-step process of app installation. They can use a Progressive app with a single click, making it easier for the brands to revamp their user retention tactics. The brands, using PWA, can encourage the users to stick to the application and earn higher revenue.

And this can be proved by taking the example of Tinder, Trivago, Uber, and PetLove. All these brands have seen a significant decline in app loading time and increase in conversion rate.

  1. Globally Accessible

Progressive Web applications are developed using HTML5 and other web technologies. This empowers the users to access the app anywhere on the Internet – regardless of having an Android or iOS device. Considering there are over 3.7 billion users using the Internet on their mobile devices, this is a great opportunity to make your brand available globally.

  1. Low Development Cost

Another benefit of investing in PWA development is that it is cheaper than a Native app. A PWA application does not abide by the standards set by Apple App Store or Google Play Store for development. Also, these apps do not demand submission on the App Store. These apps are developed using Web technologies like HTML 5, which are far inexpensive than developing an app using Swift or Kotlin. All these factors altogether make PWA development cheaper than its Native counterpart.

According to the best mobile app development agency in India, the cost to build a progressive app is around $3,000-$9,000. Whereas, the cost to make an app using Native frameworks is $25,000 or above.


  1. Zero Dependency on App Stores

As already mentioned, a Progressive web app is launched through a URL link and a web browser. It does not require an involvement of  App Store or Play Store. This zero interference from the App Stores enables the businesses to launch their app earlier. Besides, it also saves a lot of money and time for app marketing.

  1. Reliability

Progressive Web applications are based on Service workers, which enable them to work instantly, regardless of the network state. That implies a PWA app works efficiently even in 2G or poor network region because of the facility of pre-caching the key resources which eradicates the dependency on the network.

Now, as you know the importance of having a PWA for your business, what’s next? Are you planning to develop a PWA? If so, consult with a reputed mobile app development firm and get your own PWA app today itself.

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