Step by step instructions to Use SEO to Recruit the Best Talent

Every year millions of brilliant passed students    on the Internet.   In this case,  if your job postings aren’t displaying on the very first page then it’s simple you could be missing out on best candidates. So here comes this question- how Recruiting agency posts their job postings that feature their job postings  on the 1st page of Google.

The very basic answer is SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is basically adopted by recruiters today in the most prominent manner.  Actually,  the recruitment agencies succeed because of the SEO and rank  greatly in Google search results. They create very informative intellectual and engaging details that provide value to their clients and job seekers. Effective utilization   of SEO to steal the opportunity of being discovered by  the smar          the best   candidates.

SEO is still a new tool for many recruiters    and a game changer, so we have discussed below how can it be second nature in no time. Below given are some points can be used by recruiters to insert SEO in the recruiting process. Following methods are-

  1. Make Promotions on social media

SEO’s two main ingredients are its effective keywords and links. Social media is just a perfect place where efforts give outstanding      It surely attracts candidates. There are no. of employment groups on facebook, twitter, and  Linkedin. Wisely post your vacancies over there with suitable keywords and related videos. Try to create a healthy environment by responding immediately to debaters on social media like an answer  about fair wages. Working conditions, employer expectation, job role, give them a Mini idea about the interview  process. High engagement levels mean mega response.

  1. A job posting video creation

We all know that how an informational  video is appreciated today.  Video plays a vital role today , skip the  part of reading and directly showing what companies ha ve to  offer is obviously what people want.   Video job postings play a very significant role today in the recruitment process  because they are easily shareable  too. Candidates can easily view the video and share it with friends. Links will be boosted and the recruitment process co uld be improved by the filling    of open job positions. You know they say  if picture values for a thousand words then a video values of millions.

  1. Write effective descriptions and titles perfectly

SEO- friendly details like descriptions and titles help job pages to rank higher. Follow these- titles keep it up to 70characters for desktop and 78 for mobile phones in which you are required to mention job title, Location and company’s name. Write descriptions up to 165 characters and mention job title in detail, location and company and don’t forget to mention browse now, apply etc. Just Focus on creating a balanced well-written job posting and then evaluate  fully whether you’ve accurately included a healthy mix of keywords and not overstuffed it.

  1. And make job posts shareable for wider reach

  ions contains always self-loss.  Every job post of yours on each website should be shareable. To increase your reach to wider people there should be an option to engage more people through share via different media.  It is possible that your job postings may not reach to the candidate directly but yes it could reach via a mother, friend, father, friends etc. so, its beneficial in all cases to make use

  1. Pay attention to your URL and use images wisely

See the URL is also important you know! URL should contain absolutely relevant keywords, it increases the chances of being clicked and may gain a conversion. Long URL is always kind of neglected so it should be short and descriptive   in this way it works best. An ideal URL should contain the company name,  job titles, location and the keywords such as “jobs”.

And the second thing which  should be taken care of is    Images add basically nothing to the post but if used it should be meaningful and attractive enough to make readers read the content with interest.


Follow above given steps wisely to get a large number of exposures. SEO is working great  and is also inexpensive. This will definitely help you to find great matches.

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