Strategies That Will Drive Your Social Media Marketing

Social media is the place to be for marketing any business. It doesn’t matter if you are a small mom and pop business or a major corporation, your presence is required in order to drive business. But, because the internet and social platforms change on a daily basis, you need to be on top of your strategies for sharing and posting your information on a daily basis too. Old habits can not be relied upon because they seem to age out within a week! So, strategies have to be checked and double checked regularly so that your information and your brand stays fresh and current. The following is a list of strategies to try out and implement so that you can stay on top of an ever changing world.

It is imperative that you keep your social media pages fresh and new. Redesigning the look of your page should be done periodically. You don’t have to change around everything, but a bright new banner or a profile picture will be shared and followers will be alerted. And many of those will respond. It is a great way to tell everyone that you are still here and that you are alive and well! For a few days after an update, traffic to your site will increase as people travel over to see what is new.

Another thing to do periodically on your social media accounts and go back over your most popular postings and content. This can be done by using Facebook Insights which can be found on your main business page at the very top under insights. It will give you your number reached, page views and engagements. You can go back in increments of time all the way back a year. This will give you a preview for information you post in the future and how you write your posts for greater connection with your content.

Next job in to increase your engagement with your audience. You have to comment on comments and keep a ball rolling. If someone makes a comment on a picture you posted, then make a comment or at least Like their comment. This is the same rule on Twitter and Instagram. In a way you are running for Prom King or Queen and you need everyone’s vote! Making comments and acknowledging their presence on your page increases your reach and visibility and your following. This interaction shows your followers that you value them and that you don’t just consider them sales leads or prospects

In the contents section of your page, create a promotion or an offering of something free with a download. This will build your email list as you take them back to your website and a Landing Page. They must first fill out a form that you have waiting for them and then they will receive your offer. Use their email address for future promotions.

Advertising on social media platforms is quite cheap so you may want to consider investing in a standout ad. Facebook and Pinterest have easy to follow advertising programs that can help target your audience. These ads can lead to a good return on your investment especially if it increases your follower count by a significant margin.

When is comes to strategies on social media platforms, it is best to have a plan. Make a calendar for a 3 month schedule of promotions, ads, and services. Lay these out and coordinate with events so that you have a plan in place. These can be done by quarter or season. Once you have an idea and overview, you can repeat during the entire year. Followers will look forward to your next scheduled event!

Feedback is a good thing even when it feels bad.Pay attention to what people comment on your postings. It will give you an idea about how you are coming across. It can be difficult to convey a message when you are not standing right in front of someone. Feedback can help you make changes and strategize differently. Ask for opinions in your posts. Allow your followers to become a part of your developing business plans.

Make sure that when your post involves special events or coordination with activities in town to use hashtags using keywords from those events. Trending words can help you be found in relation to these events. Use hashtags with your post when it relates to your business. This will bring readers outside of your follower list and could increase these numbers.

If you wrote something that was wildly popular a few months ago, write about it again with a twist or an addition. These can be done as recaps or a continuing series. If you post a funny comic regarding your business, make it a regular post. New products, seasonal changes, holidays all give subject matter that can be repeated and grown.

Pictures, photos, art and memes are imperative as regular features in your postings. Since social media platforms are developed for “scrolling through”, a viewer will take more than a flash of a second to look at your image. Because we are visual, including pictures and videos to your post will increase your interaction with those reading. Post things that are interesting, colorful and positive.

Post often and regularly. Make a plan for a posting schedule and stick with it. Over time you will discover that certain days and certain hours will provide more interactions than others. Try to schedule on those days and during those hours for consistency. If you fall off the schedule, it takes time to rebuild that following. People forget about you if you are not there continuously. There are too many others who will replace you.

When you are posting information about your business across all social media platforms, make sure that your look or your brand remains the same. This makes it easy for your followers to find you and new readers to have immediate recognition when they see a logo, header or some other consistent identity. Use the same name, profile picture, fonts and art. When you post on one, post on all!

When you write a post, make sure that the content is fresh and not overused. You don’t want to over promote your business so much so that it is considered spam. You want your postings to have value to both you and the viewer. Over posting or promoting can erode trust and people will stop following. It also gives the impression that you don’t really care about what you are posting.

Share your good news. If customers or clients did something special such as buying a home from you, announce it with all the bells and whistles you can all across your social media platforms. Not only is this exciting for the client, but it shows off your business and you. If you did something in the community, make that announcement on your social media platforms. Being involved in your community is a cornerstone to any business and the more you post happy events, you will find happy followers. Positive posts help develop your brand. You want a reputation for being the one who always looks on the good side and having a sense of humor. Create posts that are light hearted and funny along with those that your followers can learn from. An occasional joke or a silly riddle lightens the mood and makes for a more inviting approach to being online friends!

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