The role that good visuals play in your website’s SEO

Let’s be frank. Text-only web pages are boring. Who would want to stay on a colorless page with no illustrations? While having good quality images is extremely important if the aim is to deliver quality content, it is equally important for a website’s SEO as well.

The Internet is becoming the land of visuals. People prefer to look at photos, videos, and GIFs rather than long and boring pieces of text. If you have a website that needs to be on the first page of the SERPS, you should consider investing in good visual content.

More than a billion websites are on the internet today, and good content needs to be highlighted to be found. Visual content and search engine optimization can play a crucial role in highlighting the content of your website.


Google’s search algorithm called PageRank considers many off-page elements like link popularity, something that can’t directly be optimized. In the case of well-designed websites with beautiful imagery, they tend to rank higher due to their uniqueness. This is one of the many off-page criteria.

Other off-page elements that help a site rank higher include trustworthiness, Ads, engagement, site authority, piracy, number of links, and reputation.

With the help of data, logo creation services for an attractive logo, key insights and a team of savvy graphic designers, you can have a website that is both beautiful and present on the top searches on Google.

Google loves images:

Google’s bots are constantly crawling the web to collect the latest information. The algorithms that determine how and what is collected, give high importance to good quality, relevant images. If your website has relevant images that match a user’s search query, there is a higher probability of your webpage being ranked higher in search results.

Moreover, it is important that you use original images and not pick from stock image sites. The algorithms do not like pages that have copied content from other sites, resulting in lower search ranking for such pages.

Users love images:

Science has spoken. The human brain likes images. Human brains process images 60,000 times faster than images. It is no wonder that people like to visit and stay on pages that smartly incorporate images with text to get their message across.

A good visual can not only replace hundreds of words but can also convey the message more effectively. For today’s internet users, every second saved counts. By using images and videos smartly, one can make users love their website and keep them coming back for more.


No one likes to read and share long essays. The same however cannot be said about infographics and videos delivering the same content. Placing good quality visuals on a website means people will be more likely to share your webpage on social media and other platforms.

This will bring higher traffic to your page and help establish higher authority for your page. Having awesome visuals also means other websites will share your content which will improve your website’s backlinking and search performance. Include content like infographics and videos to lure people onto your website’s landing pages.

Marketing Sherpa reported that when a user comes on your website, it only takes them 8 seconds to decide whether they want to browse further or close the tab. Now, if your site has the aesthetics in check, users will spend more time and go down that conversion funnel.

Boosting visual search:

Since our brains can understand images better, your website can also show higher when users perform a visual search. The future of visual search is very bright. It uses machine learning that utilizes tools that can quickly process images. The tools look at specific objects inside the images to make a decision. If you want to master SEO, master good visual storytelling on the website.

Visual search uses a photo or GIF as a query, just like you type text into the search bar. Google Lens is one application that uses your smartphone’s camera to work as a visual search engine. For any relevant query, the content of your website has more chances of showing up on the search engines than ever before.

All of the search engine results stem from Google and other search engine’s vast database, where your content is also indexed. This is a highly developed technology which learns more from cognitive psychology. Many ecommerce stores are also launching their visual search systems directly on the website. This means that strong visuals are more important than ever because where the text will fail, the visual imagery will guide the way.

SEO is not only about text optimization:

This increasing dominance of visual content has brought forward new opportunities to boost your site’s traffic. Taking a step forward from optimizing text, now you can optimize the visual content on your site. Even if you are highly competent at optimizing text and know nothing about optimizing visuals, we are going to give you a headstart:

 Image size: the sizes of your images directly affect page load speed. Lower page load speed is good to appear high in search rankings, while a longer loading speed affects your site negatively. You can read this article to learn more about image sizes and SEO.

Image name: the file name of your visuals can help search engines pick it up to show in search results. If you are uploading a photo of your leather jacket store, naming it online leather jacket store will have a higher impact on SEO.

Alt attributes: this is the name you see when a photo or video fails to load on a webpage. The visuals are always backed by text on the site. Web crawling bots can’t see the photo, but they can identify the text. Al text and title text fields are ideal for signaling the bots to index your website.

Surrounding content: image optimization is not a world of its own. The copy around the image or video is also important for the search engine. The relevance of the content to the visuals and keywords have a huge role in ranking the image or video higher. Search engines analyze this copy to pick up the most relevant results for the users.

Last word:

In summary, you can use good visuals and compelling storytelling to attract more visitors to your site. Website optimization through text is important, but visuals are continuing to make their equal place in the search engine optimization world. Next year is going to be important for website owners, so let’s get to work!

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