The mobile gaming industry has been booming ever since smartphones came into the equation. In 2017 alone, the global revenue generated from gaming apps reached a high value of 40.6 billion USD.

A significant portion of the revenue comes from Android gaming apps. As per Statista, since the end of 2017, Android Operating system has been leading the market with 87.9 percent market share.

Are you an Android user looking for suggestions about the best gaming apps you can play during your leisure time?

Here are some of the best gaming apps available on the Android operating system.

Big Barn World


AirG is known to produce quality apps. Positive AirG reviews about Big Barn World are evidence of this. This game can be viewed as a social platform whereby you can choose to farm on your own or join forces with your friends or other players.

You can say hello to other players and chat with them as well using the in-game mail and farm comment option. AirG has made this game compatible with the Android operating system as well as iOS. The game involves taking care of your farm, planting and harvesting crops, and socializing with other farmers to learn about the right strategies for farming.

Moreover, just like in real life, you can sell your harvested crop to actual players rather than the computer. This is delivered by a feature called the “Auction House,” which helps in making the game seem more realistic than before.

Dragon Ball Legends


Just when you thought that the Dragon Ball craze had ended, Dragon Ball Heroes triggered the fanbase once again. Dragon Ball Legend has managed to further increase the interest of the masses in the world of The Dragon Ball series once again. This game allows you to assume the role of your favorite fighter. You can then battle it out in the card action battles. Moreover, rather than combatting with a computer, you will be faced with other players. This action-packed game, along with character voicing might be a treat for the Dragon Fall fan within you.

Additionally, there are various other characters included in the game. Akira Toriyama herself has designed these. So, whether you choose Goku or some other character, know that you will see both familiar and unfamiliar faces in the game.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is one of the highest rated racing gaming apps on Android. One thing that sets this game apart is the use of real tracks. The tracks available in the game have been inspired from actual structures found around the globe.

There is a wide variety of events you can participate in. Over 4000 to be exact. Also, you can choose to play in a cross-platform with your friends as well since the game is supported on various platforms. There are over 140 cars for you to choose from. Just like the tracks included, these cars are also inspired by real vehicles. You will see options like Ford, Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz in the portfolio. Steps have been taken to make the cars as similar to the real version as possible.

When you think of racing games, you don’t expect the experience to be anything like the real deal. However, Real Racing 3 has tried to ensure an enthralling racing experience. This is delivered by the use of Mint™ 3 Engines, rear-viewss mirrors, and dynamic reflections. This might be why the game has received numerous awards.

Asphalt 9: Legends

There is a high probability that you have played, or at least heard of, Asphalt series. This series has been causing havoc in the gaming industry ever since its launch. Its new version, Asphalt 9: Legends has also proven to be widely-loved and highly rated gaming app of 2018.

If you have played the previous Asphalt games, you can expect this game to be merely an improvement of its previous instalments. Controls have been slightly tweaked to enhance the experience. Also, various new racing events have been added to give it an extra oomph.

The game allows you to drive real hypercars, ranging from Ferrari to W Motors. You can pick the vehicle and location as per your desire. The developers have tried to make the controls seem as real-like as possible with the use of HDR. The game also offers immense customization feature which gives players the autonomy to create the cars of their dreams.

PUBG Mobile


In the first games category, PUBG Mobile has taken the world by storm. You see avid gamers getting obsessed over it. The popularity of the game has been quick to reach average Android users as well. You can say that the game takes inspiration from the Hunger Games series. The plot of the game revolves around being stranded on an island with 99 other people, whereby you must survive by killing others. At the end of it all, there can be one victor only.

100 reach players are skydived into an 8 by 8 km island. You start with nothing. You have to look for your weapons and supplies for suppliers. At the same time, you must avoid getting killed and defeat other players as well. The game includes using strategies and tactics to make sure that you are the last one alive.

The reason this game has been so popular is that of its realistic visuals and attention to retail. Whether it be the 3D sounds, the HD images, or weapons that look real, it feels that you are actually on the island, fighting for your life.


These five games are just some of the many gaming apps that have been highly rated by Android users. Which one you will find to be highly addicting would depend on what you prefer. Try them out for yourself and decide whether the hype around these games are justified or not.

Unwind yourself by playing games. For some time, let go of your hectic schedule by transporting yourself to another world. The gaming world is waiting for you.



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