The decline in traffic on websites is one of the most common problems faced by fellow marketers. There could be numerous reasons for this cause. It is not necessary to be your fault and as the problem may arise from either the Developer’s side or Google’s side. In the worst scenario, it could be from your side too.

Moreover, this problem is quite common and almost all websites around the world face this issue. But the good fact is that is can be easily pointed out by analyzing Google Analytics and also the Google Webmaster Tools.

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Follow the article below to dive deeper to know about these problems and also know how to resolve these issues.

Analyze the decline in traffic in a brief

It is the foremost step to know more about your website. There can be many reasons for the decline in traffic on the website. Along with that, there are different types of declines which we come across.

The decline can be low and the traffic will recover on its own after some time or after a few weeks. Either the decline can also have a higher slope which is not a normal condition to occur. In the preliminary cases, the reasons can be minimal and it would recover in a few days. Whereas in severe cases it could be due to Google Penalty.

Get familiar with Google Algorithm

Google’s Algorithm is much likely to be blamed for this issue. As in many cases, we see the reason can be due to Google’s Algorithm. Google often conducts a test on various sets of sites and then reverts back to default after testing. So, it is worth keeping patience for some weeks before panic.

You will be notified if Google rolls out an update. There aren’t any frequent changes when an update is released and it takes a time of at least two weeks to see the effects on your site.

Several reasons including new and strong competitors and a decline in search volume can also be the reasons which can lead to a decrease in traffic on your site but it leads to a lesser decrease as compared to change in algorithms and penalty issues.

If you observe any sharp decrease in the traffic on your site, it could be due to Google Penalty. To overcome this issue, you need to log in to Google Search Console and search for a message and resolve it.

Know more about your traffic

To diagnose the traffic issue, it is necessary to not only consider the stats of traffic but also the sources from which they came from. Google Web Analytics is a platform that provides all the stats and other details which are needed to be considered to solve this issue.

The traffic on your site can have the following sources:

  • Organic Traffic: These are the visitors to your site who come from search engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo, etc. mostly they are from google.
  • Paid Traffic: Paid Traffic includes sources such as Google AdWords and other ad sources.
  • Referral: These are the traffic of visitors which often come from a referral from your partner websites and from the links to your websites from different websites
  • Social: It includes the views generated from the links from pages and blogs at various social platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and many more). This can also generate a lot of traffic if it is run through ads.

You need to look at the change in traffic from various sources mentioned above and then consider relevant actions on the required source to drive out more traffic from it. You can also run more ads to make more traffic out of it. It is not a necessary step to take though it should be maintained from time to time.

Check Google Trends

If you want to know about the changes observed in search volume in recent times, then checking it on Google Trends is the best option one can consider.

It is preferred because you can search about the search volumes of each keyword and also up to 5 keywords of your site at a single time and get detailed stats of each. Another feature is that you can observe the change that occurred over 5 years and also get detailed stats from each country. Since the search of a certain keyword can differ from country to country, therefore, it can be very useful in knowing observations of a specific country and taking necessary steps.

Apart from Google Trends, gather reports from Google Search Console and then compare them both. If you face the similarity in both graphs then the issue is normal and is common to the niche. You don’t need to panic about the change in traffic on your site.


It is common to observe a decline on your website’s traffic and it is not a matter to panic easily for a web developer or a marketer. There can be many types of decline faced. In the case of normal decline, there is a lesser change in traffic observed and can revert to normal in a few days or a week. The change is due to the test conducted by Google on a particular set of sites and is made to default after the test has been conducted.

Whereas in the case of a significant change in the stats which remains more than two weeks, the problem can be serious. To render this problem, it is suggested to analyze the traffic sources from various sharing platforms and take the necessary steps to increase the flow of visitors to your website. Google’s search algorithm can also be an important factor and can marginally affect the position of a website in the search results. In such cases, the reason can be Penalty due to some reasons which can be cleared by coming over the messages in Google Search Console and take necessary steps regarding it.

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